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Serious design weaknesses Windows Server 2008

A hacker picking apart the security model of Microsoft’s brand new Windows Server 2008 has found serious design weaknesses that render some of the product’s new security protections “useless.”

Cesar Cerrudo, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Argeniss Information Security, in Parana, Argentina, says the weaknesses could lead to privilege escalation attacks opens the door for a skilled hacker to take complete control of the operating system.

“[We found] from design issues that were not identified by Microsoft engineers during the Security Development Lifecycle, and allows accounts commonly used by Windows services —NETWORK SERVICE and LOCAL SERVICE— to bypass new Windows services protection mechanisms and elevate privileges, Cerrudo said.

He said the discovery also affects Internet Information Services 7 in the default configuration, allowing ASP.NET applications to “completely compromise” operating system security.

Cerrudo, a security researcher who is highly regarded for his work on database security, said the problem also afects Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

“On Windows XP and Windows 2003 the problem is especially severe since any Windows service, even when running under a low privileged account, can potentially break through the security protections and fully compromise the operating system. This includes all web applications deployed on Internet Information Services 6,” he added.

Source: eWeek


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