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OMG! My past is public! – Smokey the Bear Arrested For Arson

OMG! What i always feared is now sad reality: my dark past is uncensored public to everyone!
I accept this shocking fact with dignity and will take the only appropriate consequence: outing myself.
Here the truth about my past:

By recipher – 11/18/05: Smokey the Bear Arrested For Arson

Smokey the Bear, known for his plight and propaganda against wildfires and carelessness, was taken into custody this morning. Sources have discovered that Smokey is the main suspect in an arson case. Smokey’s lawyers have gone on record stating that he is innocent and was framed by Roger Rabbit, adding subtle irony to the case. Roger Rabbit, who has recently been battling with a horrific herion addiction and chronic depression, has denied all charges.

The target of the arson was, of course, Yogi the Bear. From what our investigators have uncovered, the motive was a very underground river dancing / log rolling competition that went awry earlier this week. Yogi was rumored to have been tormenting Smokey with the evil eye and phrases like, “only you can prevent your FACE from starting fires.” The heated match went down to a double, bonus round with Yogi prevailing. This greatly angered Smokey, and, he always bottles everything up inside anyway. If convicted, Smokey could wind up spending 5+ years in a cartoon penitentiary right outside the Los Padres National Forest. Yogi the Bear was unavailable for comment.

Source: BlueDamage


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