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Highly Critical Vulnerabilities Reported in Unreal Tournament 3

Secunia, a vulnerability intelligence provider, reported today two highly critical vulnerabilities in Unreal Tournament 3 versions 1.2 and 1.3beta4. The vulnerabilities were discovered by Luigi Auriemma.

Vulnerability 1: a problem in the handling of a specific type of packet. In this particular type of packet there is a 16 bit field which specifies the size of the data that follows and if this string is longer than about 172 bytes a memory corruption will occur allowing an attacker to control various registers which could allow the execution of malicious code.

Successful exploitation may allow execution of arbitrary code.

Vulnerability 2: if the amount of data about talked previously is bigger than the total size of the packet the string will not be read and a NULL pointer exception will occur. This type of bug is easily recognizable on the server because the message “Error: Attempted to multiply free a voice packet” is displayed before the crash when the malformed packet is received.

Both vulnerabilities are unpatched, therefore use UT3 in trusted network environments only.


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