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What’s up in Security Land – Some info about me and my aims

Many people know I am since long time active in the security community, not only as Site Owner Smokey’s Security Forums, but as (Staff) Member of security related organistions and boards (e.g. Site Member ASAP – Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals) and regular contributor in security forums (like DSLReports – Smokey Bear) also. Beside, my security board is Partner Board Gladiator Security Forum.

I always try to perform my acts in a professional way, this with the sole aim to serve the user -common users, companies and enterprises- in an optimal manner by means of support, help and advice concerning all security related issues. Malware is evolving, threats become very complicated, privacy issues are “hot” and under attack, therefore providing adequate advice and help is not always easy (anymore).

Many times we only can try to limit the dangers and it’s effects. It is my personal opinion we only can reach our aims in an acceptable way when we perform following actions:

– comprehensive co-operation security boards
– extended information, education, advice and help direction user
– spreading the word all over the net
– security professionals should always stay open and prepared for new development and insights, no matter what it concern

And last but not least: 100% dedication to our security jobs and tasks. Today these have reached such a level of complexity there is almost no time available for other issues. Anyway, not when we take our aims and tasks serious.


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  1. Smokey, you are a great guy!

    Comment by The Joker | October 13, 2008 | Reply

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