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New, dedicated home for the CLSID + other forum/anti-malware helper lists

Article updated 2008-08-29

Announcement made by Javacool:

I’m happy to announce a new, dedicated home for the CLSID + other helper lists:

The list maintainers, contributors and I have been working on this site non-stop, and enough features are up and running to get it in the hands of the people that need it.

Although global search of all lists isn’t yet up, you can browse and search by list:

The following lists are currently available, with more coming soon:

* CLSID List – BHOs, Toolbars, SHs, Explorer Bars
* O9 List – Internet Explorer Buttons
* O10 List – Layered Service Providers
* O18 List – Extra protocols
* O20 List – AppInit_DLLs & Winlogon Notify
* O21 List – ShellServiceObjectDelayLoad
* O22 List – Shared Task Scheduler
* O23 List – Services

We look forward to continuing to improve the site and building some great new features to make things even easier.

But for now – Enjoy!

Best regards,

Javacool & the List Maintainers and Contributors:


Addition made by TonyKlein:

Note that the search function per List is slightly different than what you were used to, in that you need to specify whether you’re searching for a name, CLSID or filename; this to reduce the number of irrelevant search results.

Please feel free to blog this, and/or post this announcement anywhere else at this board if you feel a certain section is better suited, as well as at any other board you frequent and which we may be forgetting!

Addition made by Metallica:

Also available now: Startup List

And a completely new list: ShellExecuteHook List

All available through:


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