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OZO’s WU6.bat file for controlling Microsoft Update & BITS

Today i found on DSLReports an interesting article about WU6.bat. Author of the program is OZO, he have made some other free nifty programs too.

What is the purpose of the batch file WU6?

SUMware on DSLR: WU6.bat file allows to connect to Microsoft Update site and to retrieve all necessary updates from there as usual. Additionally, the rest of the time it keeps unnecessary services (“Microsoft Update” – wuauserv and, if required, BITS service) stopped and with startup type set to ‘disabled’, eliminating extra resource usage and stopping unwanted updates that may be pushed on computer via different Automatic Update mechanisms.

WU6.bat will work with Windows XP, and is IMO a useful program to eliminate unnecessary background processes and/or services. At the same time it will stop pushed unwanted Microsoft updates.

Other free OZO programs

LCD-Saver™ utility – real screen saver for LCD and CRT monitors
Mouse Hider™ – watches your mouse activity and hides it after some period of idle time
Mouse Rescue™ – add-in for IE, helps restore right and/or left mouse click functionality in IE web browser in case if some unfriendly web site tries to take it from you
Zap Plugins™ – add-in for IE, helps remove annoying plugin ads from web site you’re browsing
Google Search Helper – add-in for IE, it does simplify search requests
Real time HTML editor – edit HTML in real time
Morphases – makes a face

….and some other stuff too, you are invited to vist OZO’s webpage for full desription of his programs and for downloading the most recent versions.

OZO’s webpage:


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