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Vision: The Great Firewall will be taken down as the Berlin Wall

Vision of GIFC – Global Internet Freedom Consortium

“Just as the Berlin Wall once fell when the East Germans came together and demanded their freedom, we, too, will give those living in closed societies the technology to take down the Great Firewall that separates them from the rest of the world.

Today, the Internet is what connects all of us around the world. We can chat with someone thousands of miles away in an instant. We can send pictures and share ideas in a heartbeat. The Internet links us all together. It gives us a chance to talk and work together and understand each other better.

But that is only true for those of us in the free world. There are certain governments around the world – such as in Mainland China, Iran, Burma and Vietnam — that actively block millions of their citizens from accessing information on the web and also stop bits and bytes from being sent out. They are creating the Dark Ages in cyberspace.

It is no coincidence that the countries that tightly censor information flow are also linked with human rights abuses, lack of democracy, corruption, and unstable business environments. As a result, these societies remain closed off from the rest of the world. And their governments continue to oppress the populace behind closed doors.

We believe the key to open up these closed societies is information freedom, and in the current age, that means Internet freedom. Only when the people have access to different sources of information can they think critically and choose wisely. Only when information is allowed to flow will there truly be human rights, freedom of expression and press, and freedom of religion and thought.

More and more people in closed societies are becoming aware of the power of our technologies and the power of information. As more and more of them are empowered by information freedom, no Firewall, no Berlin Wall, and no Iron Curtain will be able to hold them back–it’s simply a matter of time.

Now THIS is how history is made.

Our Solutions

GIFC partners have developed many anti-jamming (anti-censorship) products. Among them, the following five anti-censorship client software packages are most popular:

– UltraSurf
– FreeGate
– GTunnel
– FirePhoenix
– GPass

Download the up-to-date GIFC Anti-Censorship Tools Bundle which includes above popular client software packages.In addition, we also have the Anti-Censorship Popular Sites Ranking Service ( You can visit the Ranking service site and view histograms of website rankings, based on the amount of traffic, number of pages viewed, or number of server hits through GIFC network. One can also learn of the most popular websites visited, as well as the popular sites by categories and languages.”

Source of above declaration/downloads:


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