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Partnership Smokey’s Security Forums – Gladiator Security Forum ceased

I have to announce the end of Partnership Gladiator Security Forum – Smokey’s Security Forums.

This is not a decision taken “on-the-fly”, it was an well-matured and unavoidable decision made by TheSentinel, Site Owner Gladiator Security Forum and me. Past days we have considered all options, at the moment we see no perspective anymore for continuation Partnership.

Keep in mind that Partnership was an experimental project, regrettably TheSentinel and me failed with our well-meant intentions. Several factors were cause of the project fall through, apparently time isn’t ready for such a Partnership project..

In special i want to express my gratitude to TheSentinel and Terryala of Gladiator Security Forum and Starbuck of my board Smokey’s Security Forums for their continuous efforts to make Partnership a successful project. They were and are the people always looking to the future and realizing that Partnership is a need. Their support was very valuable for both boards, therefore i highly appreciate their positive attitude and efforts to make Partnership a success.

Site Owner Smokey’s Security Forums


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  1. Hi

    yes, Smokey and I agreed that the partnership between GSF and Smokey’s ceased. We both tried to succeed with that project but failed due to some problems. Smokey and I did everything to solve these problems but finally there’d the oppositions had been too strong.

    It’s sad to say and to realize that this cooperation did end that way. It seems time isn’t ready for such experiments and cooperations between boards now.
    Maybe few years more we will see cooperations of Security Boards everywhere, something Smokey and I were the ‘founders’ of this new orientation.

    I have to thank everyone over at Smokey’s and at GSFs, which did support that experiment, which did share Smokey and my thoughts and dreams. I’ll respect Smokey’s and Starbucks wish regards on their member status at GSF.

    Smokey and I will stay in touch thinking and discussing about new common projects furthermore.


    B. Udo Laumann
    Owner of Gladiator Security Forums

    Comment by TheSentinel | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Udo,

    …”Smokey and I will stay in touch thinking and discussing about new common projects furthermore”

    Very true, lines between Germany and Netherlands remain open like before (:

    Comment by Smokey | October 25, 2008 | Reply

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