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An amusing true story about crackers and crooks, testing antimalware software

Past 4 days were very amusing, you can call it pure entertainmant also. Anyway, I enjoyed what happened. I only regret that the fairytale and sweet dreams of a group of crackers, crooks and losers was destroyed already within 4 days after it started with a thread on Wilders Security Forums with subject “New AV Test From SSU”.

Yes, you read well: SSU ( produced a “malware test” and tried to provide the test with a “reliable – trustable label”. Very funny, observing crooks testing their own warez, keygenerators, serials and other related illegal stuff with antimalware programs. I suppose their real intention was, – yes you read well, was because their nifty antimalware test- and warez site is vanished -, to test what antimalware programs are able to detect, clean or delete their illegal crap.

They even showed their natural born stupidity to the entire audiance: inviting security vendors on their forum to provide their malware test with comments concerning the test results. The same vendors suffering from illegal practises carried out by and many other warez and crack sites. Oh yes, I know, had nothing to do with illegal activities, they only offered links to illegal crap. Anyway, that was their excuse and explanation.

The really sad end of the story: SSU ( don’t exist anymore. The hosting company suspended their account, obvious for reason of: illegal activities…….

Full story: Wilders Security Forums

Edit: at once the site, promoting illegal stuff, is back online. Very weird…
The Grand Commander, apparently Chief of the SSU troops, wrote:

“we can provide valuable information for everybody who is willing to listen, so far only few have listened”.

To me it is clear why only few have listened, to him obvious not.


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  1. ‘Oh yes, I know, had nothing to do with illegal activities, they only offered links to illegal crap’ has links to illegal cracks too.

    Comment by ssupdater online | March 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. So when I infringe the law, you are allowed to do the same?

    Comment by Smokey | March 9, 2009 | Reply

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