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Smokey’s Security Forums Seasonal Competition 2008

Smokey’s Security Forums is pleased to announce Smokey’s Seasonal Competiton 2008.

This competition will give you a chance to upgrade to the full paid for versions of security software, all licenses will be valid for a minimum of 12 months.

It’s our way of trying to help a few members by making sure they have adequate security cover for the coming year, obviously by having a license they would receive better protection than the ‘free’ versions offer. Several of the top security companies have donated licenses for this competition.

The competition will start on Monday 1st December 2008 and will run until Sunday 21st December 2008, A list of all winners will be published on Tuesday 24th December. All times are in GMT.

All registered forum members have a chance to win ‘free’ licenses for a lot of top notch security programs, e.g.:

– Internet Security Suites
– Firewalls
– Anti Virus programs
– Anti Malware programs

If you want to join this competition you are invited to register for free on Smokey’s Security Forums. Keep in mind that only valid email addresses will be accepted, so no temporary and/or so called 10-minutes accounts.

Please login on Sunday 30th November to Smokey’s Security Forums for full details on how to get your hands on these free security software licenses and participating security software companies.

On behalf of Smokey’s Team,

Site Owner Smokey’s Security Forums

Smokey’s is Site Member ASAP – Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals™


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