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About Smokey’s Security Weblog Hall of Shame Awards

The attentive reader of this blog will have noticed the existence of Smokey’s Security Weblog Hall of Shame Awards. Sole purpose of these Awards is, to improve users experiences and interests concerning all security related issues. Experiences that are many times not satisfying and even really disappointing: users are treated in a way that isn’t acceptable, e.g. by (government) instances and institutions, security vendors, aso aso. The list is long.

The intention of our “Hall of Shame” is to achieve a change of mind in positive way and approvements in behavior and procedures by the Awardees. This all in such way that users interests are served well with it. Therefore the “stay” in the Hall of Shame isn’t by definition for always, all Awardees will have a fair opportunity to make approvements concerning points of critism and to show their good intentions to learn from mistakes made in the past. At the moment this all is accomplished in a satisfying way, the Awardee will be removed from The Hall. The removal will be announced in public, with motivation for the why. A fresh, clean “restart” and opportuntiy for the former Awardees so to speak. OTOH, Awardees that are not willing to learn or refuse cooperation will be marked with the label “bad” and stay forever in The Hall.

All readers of this blog are welcome to provide me with nominations for The Hall. Nominations will only be accepted if they go along with well motivated and/or controlable reasons/sources to nominate. All nominations will be treated strict confidential. Nominations must send to me via email to the address hallofshame {at} It is solely up to me and my staff to decide about nominations. Via same email address you are also welcome to provide me with a motivation for removal of a Hall Awardee.

Happy and safe computing!

*** Current Hall of Shame Awardees ***

* HP – Hewlett Packard Company *

* Matousec’s Firewall Challenges *

* Trend Micro Incorporated *


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