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Intelinet Internet Security rated by the DSLR Base as being Crapware

Today I made on DSLR an inquiry concerning Intelinet Internet Security, and asked the DSLR reader about their opinion concerning that program. I encountered the program today and for reason of it’s tendentious claims, self-granted acknowledgements by security experts, download offers via smudgy sites and 54.000 google hits seraching for “Intelinet Internet Security” I was opinion that the program had a very bad smell and needed confirmation about my presumptions.

My arguments to have strong doubts about the program:

Many dubious promotional slogans, some of them:

Intelinet is global internet security leader [sic]

Winner of multiple awards from security experts throughout the world! Used by more than 9 million people worldwide [sic]

Award Winning Spyware Remover [??]

#1 Rated Spyware Remover [sic]

#1 Rated Adware Remover [sic]

54.000 google hits when performing a search to “Intelinet Internet Security”…

All kind of similar enthusiastic shouts about other modules of the program but my survey on DSLR was limited to the security modules of  it.

Confusion of me also about the actual version, I discovered 3 versions, all 3 claiming to be the actual one:

– Intelinet Internet Security Suite 3.1.0
– Intelinet Internet Security Suite 4.26
– Intelinet Internet Security 2008.12

To wrap up the info, sometimes it is offered as freeware, sometimes as shareware.


Response on my DSLR post confirmed entirely my very negative opinion about the program: it have to be rated as crapware.

The reaction of  Blackbird, DSLR Member, was very interesting and informative:

For the evaluation of Consumers Review (about Intelinet Internet Security) and its reviewer John Whitter, the Site Advisor (protect you from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser exploits, and online scams) envelope, please…

In our tests, we found downloads on this site that some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs.”

User Reviews (bb note: of Consumers Review):

Posted at 02/22/2008-06:07:15 AM by lordpake, Experienced Reviewer
This site promotes dubious software from netcom3 as the top registry cleaner. Note that netcom3 is red-rated by SiteAdvisor (see the link below). As a side note, all other reviewed apps are dubious too =) …

Posted at 03/09/2008-12:27:23 AM by dean, Experienced Reviewer

What lordpake said. The site is a clone of the former, which is rated RED by SiteAdvisor. I wrote the REAL Consumer Reports about the existence of that site and it no longer exists. However, scammers are a determined bunch, so the existence of this clone is not surprising.This site is run by a scammer and affiliate that bills himself as “John Whitter.” The same bozo was behind and also runs another bogus review site, At the top of the home page, it says “The #1 Most Trusted Consumer Review Site!” If you need a good example of pure BS, it’s here. The site goes on to claim “as seen on New York Times, USA Today, Esquire, InformationWeek, CNN, MSN, Yahoo, Forbes and AOL.” This is merely more BS.Like most bogus review sites, this one promotes software of dubious value that was created to satisfy an affiliate’s hunger for fat commissions derived from the same of crapware. The following software is promoted here:

• Netcom3 Registry Cleaner (, rated RED)
• Error Sweeper (, C-Net Media, rated RED)
• Regcure (Paretologic)
• RegClean (, C-Net Media, rated RED)
• Error Doctor (, rated RED)Were you hoping to find unbiased advice? Well, “John” gets a commission for referring you in the event of a sale. Some questions should run through your mind:
• Does “John Whitter” write for a respected publication? (No)
• Does “John Whitter” provide credible contact information? (No)
• Does “John Whitter” disclose his blatant conflict of interest? (No)
• Do the developers of this software provide credible contact information? (No)
• Have any of the products promoted by this site been reviewed by respected publications? (No) …

Hmm… a 5-Star rating for Intelinet Internet Security from that guy, huh? And thank you, Site Advisor for yet again giving us all the “rest of the story”.

Thanks Blackbird for your valuable contribution to the discussion!

I was pleased to announce on behalf of the DSLR Base the Intelinet Internet Security Verdict:

a very suspicious piece of software, promoted by scammers and crooks and therefore belonging to the crapware category. Stay far away from this kind of crap to save your and your PCs health .

You are warned: don’t touch this piece of crap software, especially not because the infamous scammer  Cashier Myricks is involved, and don’t rely on the reviews of  non-trustworthy sites like the notorious consumers-reviews…

BTW, never  hear of scammer Cashier Myricks? Here some really bad smelling info about him:

Yes Cashier, to me you seem to be a natural born crook!

* Follow Up 2008-12-29: Intelinet Internet Security classified as Malware *
** Follow Up 2008-12-31: CNET’s offer rogue Anti-Spyware for download **


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