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Temporary no time available for posting on this blog

Well folks, you will have noticed it is already a couple of weeks ago I posted here. Reason: lack of time.
At the moment I am really occupied by several security related projects, and are also testing security software. And to overflow my calendar notably, I am trying out all kinds of  forum software. BTW, please keep in mind I have to manage my own forum too…

The forum software evaluation is not only performed for community sake but also in my own interest. My forum “Smokey’s Security Forums” is currently running with phpBB3, and for several reasons, security related ones included, I decided to migrate to another forum software package. So you see, (temporary) I have no time available for other issues like posting on this blog.

I will continue with posting here asap, probably next week.

See you,



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  1. Hello! I was trying to find a FAQ page but I couldn’t. Can you show it to me please 🙂

    Comment by Ovachejeabe | April 15, 2009 | Reply

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