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Smokey’s Security Forums will migrate to SMF – Simple Machines Forum

News Flash regarding my board Smokey’s Security Forums:

within a couple of weeks, maybe even next weekend, I will migrate my current board/forum software phpBB3 to SMF – Simple Machines Forum software. Reasons are severe, phpBB3 don’t accomplish today’s demands anymore.

After testing all available board software, I decided to choose SMF. A highly sophisticated piece of software, armed for the future, secure and easy in maintenance. And, very important: fast!

My gratitude to Simple Machines LLC for offering this great software for free!

You will understand that migration is a serious and complicated job, therefore I can’t predict the time it will take. It will be somewhere between 12 hours and two days.

Important: for technical reasons it is not possible to keep the current board URL, after migration the board URL will change into:

Please update your bookmarks accordingly. Notice the “s” in forums!

Stay tuned, begin and progress of migration will be reported here.
During migration process my board will be offline.


Site Owner Smokey’s Security Forums

Migration Report

All times are UTC +1 hour

2009-04-03 / 04:00 PM: migration preparations started.
2009-04-03 / 05:30 PM: Board closed/migration started.
2009-04-03 / 06.10 PM: MySQL database preparations.
2009-04-03 / 07:05 PM: major problems appeared during convertion.
2009-04-03 / 07:55 PM: errors not repairable, starting from the scratch.
2009-04-03 / 09.20 PM: again major problems during convertion.
2009-04-03 / 10:20 PM: problems solved and board partial migrated.
2009-04-03 / 11:10 PM: board migrated.
2009-04-03 / 11:50 PM: necessary database modifications accomplished.
2009-04-04 / 00:25 AM: converting all URLs into SEF URLs.
2009-04-04 / 00:40 AM: building the search index.
2004-04-04 / 01:30 AM: time to go into bed, board migration will be continued ASAP.
2004-04-04 / 08:30 AM: adjusting board core settings.
2004-04-04 / 01:40 PM: applying all board and member settings/privileges.
2004-04-04 / 04:05 PM: creating sitemap.

2009-04-04 / 04:15 PM: board migration soon ready, stay tuned!

2009-04-04 / 06:00 PM: board re-opened and solving small bugs, welcome back to Smokey’s Security Forums!

Again, please update your bookmarks…..


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  1. Dave,

    You are doing a great job, thank you

    Take courage, my friend



    Comment by MaB69 | April 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Txs Mab, regrettably unexpected problems, will take considerable extra time to fix them.

      Comment by Smokey | April 3, 2009 | Reply

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