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Official Jetico Inc. Support Forums have new URLs

Like you have read here, I have migrated my board Smokey’s Security Forums to SMF – Simple Machines Forum baord software.

For technical reasons it wasn’t possible to use the URLs of the “old” board anymore, so all forums on my board have new ones.

– Index Smokey’s Security Forums:

– HijackThis & OTListIt2 Log Analysis and Malware Hunting, Removal & Cleaning (English language):,5.0.html and in German – Deutsch language:,205.0.html

Concerning the Official Jetico Inc. Support Forums please update these bookmarks also:

– Jetico Personal Firewall v2 Support Forum:,51.0.html
– Jetico Personal Firewall v2 Knowledge Base:,60.0.html
– Jetico Personal Firewall v2 Bug Reports:,63.0.html

– Jetico Personal Firewall v1 Support Forum:,52.0.html

– Jetico BestCrypt for Windows Support Forum:,70.0.html
– Jetico BestCrypt for Linux Support Forum:,152.0.html
– Jetico BCVE BestCrypt Volume Encryption Support Forum:,75.0.html

– Jetico BCArchive Support Forum:,73.0.html

– Jetico BCWipe for Windows Support Forum:,138.0.html
– Jetico BCWipe for UNIX Support Forum:,153.0.html

Support, Help and advice will only be provided to registered board members.
You are invited to register (for free) here.




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