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PCMag Avira Premium Security Suite 9 Review: product “fair” rated

Here a resume of a recent PCMag Avira Premium Security Suite 9 Review, with a disappointing “fair” rating:

Bottom Line

Avira’s suite needs a complete makeover, starting with the UI. Testing revealed a serious bug in the on-demand malware removal scanner—a bug that can leave ordinary users unprotected. The spam filter, while accurate, slowed e-mail downloading to a huge degree.


Firewall successfully protects against hack attacks and exploits. Good accuracy in spam filter. Small impact on system performance. Strips malware from incoming Web and e-mail streams.


Malware protection is intrusive, complex. Serious bug in on-demand malware scan. WebGuard failed to block phishing sites. Spam filter slows e-mail downloading to an unacceptable extent. Rudimentary backup and parental control.

Read the full Review and make up your own mind: PCMag


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