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Matousec’s New Moves to Recapture the label “Trustworthy”

The faithful reader of my blog will probably remember the critical article I wrote about Matousec and his Firewall Challenges, “Matousec’s Firewall Challenge wrinkle: conflict of interests?” and the honor I granted him to add his Challenges to “Smokey’s Security Weblog Hall of Shame”.

Matousec’s Firewall Challenges are continiuos subject of critism, not only be me but by many other people also. It was clear that Matousec was looking for ways to control reputation damage. We also remember well the possibilty of a re-test of vendors product by Matousec, of course after paying for such favor. In this way, a “bad” test could be curved into a “good” test.

Apparently Matousec is opinion to shut the mouth of criticasters by renaming past month his “Firewall Challenges” into “Proactive Security Challenges”. Almost at the same time he surprised us with the announcement that DIFINEX acquired Matousec.

I have my own ideas about DIFINEX and this sudden move of Matousec. According to Matousec, “DIFINEX is a new company with an interest in Internet projects and online services. DIFINEX focuses on creating, financing and covering projects with medium-sized and large Internet audience”. Matousec is always yelling about “Transparent security”. This is in contradiction with his mysterious explanation about DIFINEX. To earn the label “Trustworthy” it is a must to be open and honest about everything, not only tests and methodics but also about the people that finance these tests: DIFINEX. At the moment this is a Ghost Company.

To me it is obvious that Matousec’s recent moves confirm my negative feelings about him and his tests. More questions raised instead of satisfying previous ones. His tests wrinkle even more than before.


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