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Front USB ports not recognized: How-To-Fix

Some time ago I posted how to fix Windows Vista / USB device detection problems. Because till today this how-to is one of the best readed posts on my blog it is clear that numerous people suffer from problems with USB devices.

Some investigation learned me that a huge amount of people also have problems with the front USB ports. In this particular case it regard a recognition problem. On internet I found a possible solution:

1- Remove the side panel (with the computer off)
2- Follow the cables from the back of the front I/O ports where your front USB is located (maybe on the memory card reader)
3- Follow those cables to where they connect to a header (a set of pins) on the motherboard
4- Disconnect the cables from the motherboard but leave them connected to the front
5- Turn on the computer and wait till Windows fully boots
6- After the full boot turn off the computer
7- Reboot one more time Windows in the same manner
8- Turn off the PC, plug the cables back to the motherboard, replace the side panel
9- Turn on the PC

Enjoy yourself 🙂

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