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HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) Smokey’s Security Weblog 2010/2011 Hall of Shame Awardee

Are you opinion that only shabby, (many times) small companies have doubtful practices? That well-known, established companies can be trusted?
Let’s wake you up: even established companies with an apparently fine reputation can and will perform actions that are wrong, indecent, intolerable and/or condemnable. One of these questionable companies is, regrettably, Hewlett-Packard Company. For reason of what happened in the past, and also for current occurrences, I have the honor to announce that

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) is Smokey’s Security Weblog Hall of Shame 2010/2011 Awardee

Like all other Hall of Shame Awardees, it is not without good reason that Hewlett Packard received this prestigious Award.

Motivation to grant Hewlett-Packard Company the Award:

– the pre-install of BETA Microsoft Windows service packs on their boxes, especially the pre-install of Vista SP2 EVALUATION COPY.BUILD 6002. Microsoft stressed that the general public should not install it until it is done being tested, it’s obvious that HP ignored the valid Microsoft advice and installed the beta Vista SP2 on an overwhelming amount of HP boxes. Despite the fact we all know that NO beta version of any services pack should be installed on any production machine, HP is apparently different opinion. In this way HP sold boxes with pre-installed OS and SP to faithful customers, with as result that all those boxes can be considered as crippled.

– the incredible miserable support of HP to their customers. ‘After Sales’ is an unknown expression to HP, they treat their customers like a bunch of nasty, unknowing and condemnable people, and have no interest at all in their problems. HP is also not prepared to solve issues caused by wrong, indecent or questionable HP policies in a fast and uncomplicated way.

– supplying boxes with pre-installed OS without delivering of installation or rescue discs for Operating Systems.


If you consider to buy a HP box, please also consider that HP is Hall of Shame Awardee. Evaluate the motivation to grant HP that Award, and subsequent be very well convinced about where to acquire a new machine. Same is valid for any other HP device.


I contacted HP Headquarters before granting them the Smokey’s Security Weblog Hall of Shame Award, regrettably they refused to listen. They didn’t answer any of my questions, HP also promised to contact me via a phone call. Superfluous to say that HP also didn’t accomplished what they promised: calling me. Common HP behavior so to speak, I didn’t expected anything else.


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  1. i totally agree with everything you have said, with having a massive problem with the company myself, i feel shafted by them, i second the nomination.

    Comment by angela taylor | April 4, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Angela,

      I’m informed about all negative HP issues regarding you, i’m really sorry to hear that HP shafted you in such filthy way.

      They crippled your laptop, and subsequent treated you like a miserable piece of shit.

      Comment by Smokey | April 4, 2010 | Reply

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  3. Hi,

    Two things I wonder about. Are there still machines sold these days with a Vista Operating System? And if yes why not with SP2 final released on 5/22/2009, so almost a year old.

    O. Strafferat

    Comment by Oxerstraat | April 4, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi,

      it regard HP boxes, laptops included, sold BEFORE the final Vista SP2 version was released. So it’s very obvious that HP DELIBERATELY installed a BETA Vista SP2 version on their boxes, and also DELIBERATELY ignored the huge risks that are related to the use of BETA service packs.

      Keep in mind that thousands of HP customers are hit by the issue, and that the beta service packs are traced on HP boxes all over the world.

      IMO with their condemnable OS pre-install policy HP overruled all principles of decency: I tend to call it swindle.

      Comment by Smokey | April 4, 2010 | Reply

  4. reply to Oxerstraat.
    my hp laptop is less than 2yrs old, and no where on the box or paper work from the company or the seller does it state anywhere that is has a beta version of sp2 on it. i was shit on from a great height and shafted till my eyes popped out by hp. i rang them daily, on one day i rang them 12times in 4 hrs and was on the phone anything from 10mins to 1hr, while they passed me from pillar to post, i went to every department they have and was told to submit an email, i did this, and was sent a generic email with the steps to correct this issue, i have every case number, from the emails i submitted, and then i got one that stated that hp uk do NOT have a help centre and that my emails where going to atlanta usa,
    i also returned the laptop to the seller who wanted to charge me a silly amount of money to repair the problem, that even he was not aware of, my guarantee is not with the place of purchase, it is with HP and they should have dealt with this issue.
    if IT WAS NOT FOR SMOKEY AND STARBUCK i would still be sat in the corner in tears,
    i joined the site 5yrs ago and with this issue even smokey learnt how to head butt a HP wall.
    what they did was WRONG and i know many other of there items will have had the same happen, and i know many on the site have watched my out come,
    HP let me down wont help me and if it wasnt for the help i got here, this hp laptop would have learnt to fly.

    Comment by angela taylor | April 7, 2010 | Reply

  5. Forgive me for asking but what was the main issue with the beta version? Was it a security vulnerability or instability issue? Could the customers who purchased the HP machines have updated with the windows auto-update facility? I’m sure the final release would have been not too far away being rolled out when the said machines were purchased.
    I don’t think its entirely HPs issue, is it?

    Comment by Security by Design | April 16, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi,

      IMO the issues with the beta Vista SP2 are already very clear explained in my blog post AND on my security board, no need to repeat.

      Btw, you are opinion it isn’t entirely HP’s issue, can you tell me who are (in your POV) responsible too?

      Comment by Smokey | April 17, 2010 | Reply

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