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Get Protected: Facebook Privacy Settings Scanner & Fix Tool

Found for you an excellent tool via an article on NetworkWorld, to check and fix your Facebook privacy settings, the tool work really well.

This one-stop privacy fix-up tool for your Facebook profile, ReclaimPrivacy, tells you what you need to know. Using it is simple: Just surf over to and look for the link that says “Scan for Privacy.” Add that link as a bookmark in your browser, either by dragging it onto a bookmark toolbar or by right-clicking it and selecting the “Bookmark” option.

Now head over to Facebook. Sign into your account, then open the bookmarked link.

This will cause ReclaimPrivacy’s Facebook privacy scanner to open right at the top of your current Facebook window. Within a few seconds, ReclaimPrivacy will scan through six areas of potential privacy concern and let you know how your account stacks up.

ReclaimPrivacy analyzes everything from your personal information controls to your “instant personalization” settings. It even checks account settings that affect what your friends could inadvertently share about you without your knowledge.

For each area, ReclaimPrivacy will give you a green (“good”), yellow (“caution”), or red (“insecure”) ranking. If you hit yellow or red, it’ll provide you with specific steps to fix the problem so you don’t have to waste time searching for the right setting.

Happy and Secured Facebooking!  🙂

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