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AQMRB – Alliance of Qualified Malware Removal Boards™

I am really pleased to announce that a new Security Alliance is born: AQMRB – Alliance of Qualified Malware Removal Boards™.

Aim of the Alliance is, to provide the user searching for malware remove help with the best available and fully qualified services to remove malicious content from his PC, this all free of charge. Only boards that satisfy an extensive list with demanded qualifications/demands can apply for AQMRB membership, all applications will be thoroughly reviewed and evaluated, this with the aim that only fully qualified boards can join the Alliance.


AQMRB is an Alliance of fully qualified Malware Removal Boards.

AQMRB main aim is to serve customers searching and asking for malware removal help in the best possible way.

AQMRB guarantee free professional malware removal help to non-commercial users.

AQMRB boards offer malware removal help solely provided by staff that are trained and graduated at acknowledged malware removal schools/universities.

AQMRB is a non-profit, volunteer network of independent Malware Removal Boards, and is not affiliated with any organisation.

General Info

More info about the Alliance can be found here: AQMRB
Boards that have the intention to join the Alliance are invited to look at the home page of AQMRB for demanded qualifications.

On behalf of AQMRB,

Smokey, Founder

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