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After applying the Norton Internet Security/Norton AntiVirus 18.5 patch, the Norton product may lock up or cause the system to become unstable

Official Symantec/Norton statement regarding Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011 v18.5.0.125


There have been several reports on the forums where after applying the Norton Internet Security/Norton AntiVirus 18.5 patch (is version, the Norton product may lock up or cause the system to become unstable.

While this issue only seems to affect a small number of installations, we’re still taking this issue seriously and are quickly researching the cause of this problem.

We will be halting the throttled LiveUpdate release of 18.5 for the time being while we investigate these issues.

If you are experiencing this issue and would like to assist us in gathering information (debug logs and process dumps) for this issue, please post a response in THIS THREAD. The more logs and dumps we get, the more information we have that will help us make the proper corrections.

If you are having these issues and need to revert your system back to 18.1 (is version, simply uninstall 18.5 using Control Panel (or Uninstall from the Norton Product Program Group), and reinstall 18.1 from the following locations:

  • Norton Internet Security 18.1 –
  • Norton AntiVirus 18.1 –
  • Norton Internet Security 18.1, Norton AntiVirus 18.1 and Norton Netbook Edition 18.1 in English, French, German and Dutch language (direct downloads from Symantec/Norton servers too) – users are reporting troubles uninstalling. Try uninstalling from Safe Mode. If that fails, you can use the Norton Removal Tool.If you have 18.5, but are not experiencing any issues, it is advised that you remain on 18.5.
  • Update 12-29-2010

    Symantec Statement: “The issues that some users were experiencing where the Norton product would lock up after installing the 18.5 update was due to a definition that was applied after 18.5 was installed. Symantec have since corrected that definition and the issue will not occur.”

    Download Norton Internet Security 2011, Norton Antivirus 2011 and Norton Internet Security Netbook Edition 2011 v18.5.0.125 (patch 18.5, stable/official release) here:


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    1. Help.. Installed norton anti virus patch .. it’s been 2 hours and can’t control anything on my computer. When I go to reboot it says warning data may be lost

      Comment by robin malatino | April 3, 2014 | Reply

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