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Kaspersky Lab statement about alleged events related to the Kaspersky family

Kaspersky Lab statement

22 April 2011

Kaspersky Lab respectfully asks members of the media to refrain from speculating and distributing unconfirmed information about alleged events related to the Kaspersky family. Eugene Kaspersky continues his day-to-day work at the company, and has stated that the unconfirmed information being spread at the moment is harmful for the company.

This statement is clear and at the same time very reasonable, hence I will not allow comments on this statement. I fully support the requests made in the statement and ask the community to respect what is asked by Kaspersky Lab.



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[HOW TO] Block All Location Records Stored on your iPhone – Protect your Privacy

In the meanwhile we all know (anyway, it’s big in the news) Apple seriously abuse your privacy rights by collecting location data on every Apple iPhone and iPad running on iOS 4.x, including GPS longitude and latitude coordinates along with the timestamp, and regularly transmits that data to itself via nearby Wi-Fi networks. To perfect their condemnable spy system, information gets copied to your computer as a part of iTunes sync, it will be synched with the Apple server every time you sync the involved consolidated.db file.

There’s a way to stop Apple’s spying efforts, according to IT Central Blog, I will quote them:

You can block all location records stored on your iPhone by using a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia. The name of this tweak is Location Blocker. After you have installed this tweak on your jailbroken iPhone it will allow you to block locations from storing any information about cell location, your past locations, and WiFi location. Simply follow the steps posted below to install this tweak on your iPhone.

How to Install Location Blocker on iPhone

STEP 1. First you have to start Cydia.
STEP 2. Now you have to go to Manage – > Sources -> Edit -> Add the following URL source:
STEP 3. Now simply click on “Add Source”.
STEP 4. Tap on Done and then tap on the Added Source after the Source is verified and updated.
STEP 5. Now search for Locationd Blocker.
STEP 6. Now simply tap on Install button to install Locationd Blocker.
STEP 7. Tap on Confirm button to complete the installation.

Thanks IT Central Blog for this How-To!

Keep in mind you will need to have jailbroken iPhone to install this tweak, how-to’s are mentioned here.

There is another tweak available to stop Apple from tracking you: ‘Untrackered’. Difference between Untrackerd and Location Blocker: Location Blocker tweak removes all location information while Untrackerd tweak runs in the background and doesn’t remove all location information. Location Blocker not only delete the past data but also block iPhone to record data going forward.

If you want to use Untrackered instead of Location Blocker, Untracker How-To here.

If you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, the best you can do is encrypt your backups when you sync with iTunes.

Keep in mind, by jailbreaking your device you are at a higher risk of installing something that may be risky.

Article sources: IT Central Blog, Solid Blogger, Genius Geeks, BBR/DSLReports, Business Insider

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