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Smokey’s Security Forums will drop support for IE6 starting 2012-01-01

Internet Explorer 6 was released on August 27, 2001 so the browser is now 10 years old. Despite numerous campaigns to dissuade further use of IE6, 9% of the world is still using IE6 as browser.

The web has changed significantly over the past 10 years, regrettably IE6 not. It can’t handle new web technologies and is highly insecure. Besides, performance is really bad and there are also severe rendering issues.

It’s obvious that most of IE6 (corporate) users and IT Organizations aren’t interested at all to upgrade to a modern browser like IE8/IE9 or to use e.g. Opera 11, Firefox 7 or Chrome 15 browser instead. I know their argumentation to well however I can’t take it seriously anymore. Especially not because IE6 is End of Life (EOL) and the problems with the browser are on the rise.

Considering the never ending argumentation as well all con’s to use an outdated, insecure IE6 instead of a modern and safe browser, Smokey’s Security Forums will drop support for IE6 and will take the ultimate consequence by DENYING SITE ACCESS TO IE6 USERS STARTING 2012-01-01.


Owner Smokey’s Security Forums


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