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Last letter to Donna Buenaventura

Dearest Donna,

that’s no way to say goodbye, you incredibly shocked your husband, your family and me too. You leaved us so sudden, we had not the opportunity to say goodbye, we all are feeling deep sadness and desperation.

Dearest Donna,

many people are telling you are now in a much better place, but I don’t think you are. Your place is here on earth so we can still touch and reach you. You passed away and only leave memories, we are not able to accept.

Dearest Donna,

I remember so well the first time I met you, and the time that followed. You were caring for me in an unforgettable way, like you did with so many people. It was you showing me what a real, sincere friendship means, you was always there when I needed you. I owe you so much and will never be able anymore to make it up.

Dearest Donna,

you were such a wise and warmhearted woman, spending almost all of your available time to help others, it will be very tough to accept you are not here anymore to show us the right directions.

Dearest Donna,

I don’t say farewell because I know that some day I will meet you again, it’s my only consolation.


Rest in peace sweetie.


With Love,



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