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Most recent firmware download for Seezeus Shadow Recorder GT550WS

For security reasons on the road I use a dashcam (dashboard camera) in my car, like many others also do. My dashcam choice to use was a Seezeus Shadow Recorder GT550WS GPS 2.7″ LCD HD 1080p WDR GPS Logger Dash Cam Car DVR + GPS module, this for reason of the fair price, many useful features/options and very good clear picture quality by daylight as well at night.

Why to use a dashcam? The answer is simple: to be able to provide video evidence in an event of an accident, there are many idiots on the road and it can become very handy in case such an idiot will cause an accident. But not only pure idiots on the road, also many careless people aren’t watching the road in the way it should be, they use their cellphone, laptop, navigation and other equipment during driving and lose demanded attention for what’s really going on.

I noticed there’s a real need for dashcam firmware updates, many people are looking for it but can’t find a download source. That’s the reason I offer you the most recent firmware v2.6G for the Seezeus Shadow Recorder GT550WS. Keep in mind this firmware is only suitable for mentioned dashcam, don’t try to flash it on a different dashcam. And when you brick your dashcam during a firmware flash you will lose dashcam vendor/seller warranty.

On Google Drive you can download the GT550WS most recent firmware v2.6G here YouTube instructions how to flash the firmware here It’s an instruction movie for a different dashcam however firmware flash procedure for the GT550WS is similar.

Drive safely!

Note: because the Seezeus Shadow Recorder GT550WS died very soon (read the story below) I had to buy a new cam, this time I decided to go for a Onstar MateGo MG380G. With the MateGo I’m really happy, my review about the MG380G can you find here. In the review there’s also a downloadlink to the most recent Onstar MG380G firmware v1.01.03, dated 2015/06/18.

Update May 31, 2015: I bought the cam first week of December 2014 from a eBay seller named estore009, located in China, and received the item more than 1 month later, in the middle of Jan. 2015. Starting with the first day I used the cam there were problems: with the firmware, with a faulty GPS module, cam also stopped regularly with recording, and finally the cam freezes on the start screen during boot-up and therefore is the cam useless now forever. Mind you this all happened within 4 months after I used the cam for the first time, and long delivery time also didn’t make me happy at all. You will understand atm I’m really pissed, and asked seller estore009 for a refund. Seller isn’t willing to do so, and even don’t want to talk about a partial refund. IMO after all the problems I had with the cam seller should provide decent service hence a refund could be the only acceptable solution but as told before seller refused such. Therefore my advice: stay far away from estore009, items sold by him are or could be faulty, service is a non existing word for him.


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  1. I purchased the two of the same camera from the same seller around Christmas 2013. One was DOA and the other worked well. He allowed the DOA one to be returned for a full refund minus shipping and helped me troubleshoot some issues with the other one. It did take just as long to get mine delivered however. Now I notice mine might only record one or two 3 minute chunks at a time making it a little unreliable if there’s an accident or something. I’m hoping this firmware flash fixes that.

    Comment by Gordon T. | August 20, 2015 | Reply

    • Maybe the firmware flash will fix it, please inform me about the the result after you flashed the cam.

      Comment by Smokey | August 20, 2015 | Reply

      • You asked for an update so here it is. I didn’t flash the firmware. I noticed that some files were on the SD from years ago but new ones were only sporadically being recorded so before flashing I turned off the “lock file on bump” setting since it’s kind of pointless anyway, formatted the SD card and it’s been recording everything ever since. I’m leaving this here for someone else to try if they run into the same issue. That could be a firmware issue still but instead of potentially bricking my camera I’ll just leave that setting off.

        Comment by Gordon T. | October 16, 2015

      • Thank you for the reply. Your problems with the SD Card confirms the correctness of my advice to all dash cam users: format at least once/2 weeks the SD Card, and preferable let the dash cam do the format.

        Comment by Smokey | October 17, 2015

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