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Review Updated 2015 MateGo MG380G Full HD – SONY CMOS sensor – built-in-GPS Dashcam Car DVR

Contents Overview Shenzhen Onstar MateGo MG380G Dash Cam Review

1. Matego MG380G picture gallery
2. Reason for purchase
3. Dash cam specifications
4. Review
5. Conclusion/verdict

6. Where to purchase

– 6.1 Where to purchase an action/dashcam
– 6.2 Where to purchase a spare power cord
– 6.3 Recommended action- and dash cam retailers & vendors
– 6.4 Non-recommended/inadvisable action- and dash cam retailers & vendors

7. Update: review MG380G by Dashcamtalk

8. Download Section

– 8.1 Download User Manual Chinese/English MG380-380G
– 8.2 Download Firmware Updates
– 8.3 Download Video Registrator/GPS Track Player for DVR, Dash Cam (Registrator Viewer)


1. MG380G picture gallery














 2. Reason for purchase

I bought the MateGo MG380G dashcam because used hardware is similar to the popular and very well reviewed Panorama G (Street Guardian SGZC12SG) cam, body and hardware are identical with eachother so there’s no difference at all between the cams. The MG380G sells under other brand names as well too.

Despite the fact that all these cams are produced by manufacturer Shenzhen Onstar Technology Co. Ltd. there is only one huge difference between mentioned dash cams: the price. The MateGO MG380G is a low cost camera, the branded versions sell at a premium price so my choice for the MateGo was very easy: why paying a premium price for a top-notch cam when the very same cam can be bought for an affordable, relative low price?

3. Dash cam specifications

– Manufacturer: Shenzhen Onstar Technology Co. Ltd.
– CSR Zoran Coach 12P Processor
– A+++ build quality
– FULL HD 1920x1080p@30fps, 1280x720P@60fps
– 2.7″ Smart “Capacitive” TFT LCD Touch Screen, 24-bit color
– 2015 Sony Exmor IMX322 high-sensitivity CMOS Sensor
– 14MP, 7 Element Glass strong sensitivity Lens / 154 degree panorama diagonal viewing angle
– Auto White balance
– Built-in GPS with Auto Date Time Set
– Date/time stamped video
– BOSCH Event G-sensor
– Built-in smart motion detect algorithm with pre-recording
– Photo / Driving Recording / Parking Recording / Emergency Recording
– 15Mbit/s Bitrate H.264 MP4 (see remark and picture in chapter 4 of this review)
– No interference to your GPS navigation or FM
– Built-in MIC, Speaker
– High Heat resistant Supercapacitor
– Outstanding Day and Night Vision
– Built-in wide dynamic rage (WDR) image processing
– Wide operating temperature range from -20 to 70˚C
– A/V output support
– Power supply: direct 12/24V and Micro USB 2.0 5V/1A
– exFAT as well FAT32 file system supported
– Up to 128GB SDXC/SDHC full size SD Card (Class 10 Required), 256GB and 512GB SDXC SD Cards *probably* supported too.
– Dash Cam dimensions are 103mm x 63mm x 41mm
– Durable/high quality ABS engineering plastic shell material

– In the box: Onstar MateGo MG380G, Suction Cup Mount, 12/24v Power Cable, USB Cable, English User Manual.

4. Review

Physical casing of the MG380G has very good build quality, compared with other dashcams I had before the MG380G has best build quality.

Using the cam the first time in my car was very easy and uncomplicated, connected the cam to car’s 12/24V power supply and the cam was recording straight away, without any prob. You can also connect the cam with the micro usb port to provide the cam with power, this worked flawlessly too. Only thing you have to adjust the very first time you power-up the cam is date/time and timezone, however future date/time adjustments aren’t demanded anymore because integrated GPS module will adjust such automatically.

The GPS module is working extremely well, after power up the cam there is a GPS fix within just a few seconds. During recording there is also no lost of GPS signal/fix so the module is like the cam itself of high build quality.

The cam has a top quality 2.7″ Smart “Capacitive” LCD Touch Screen, this is the reason settings adjustment is very easy. Touch screen is reacting very well.

The cam has exFAT formatting firmware so no need to format a high capacity SD card in your PC before use, just stick your (SDXC/SDHC) SD Card in the cam and the cam will format high capacity SD cards >64Gb in exFAT. I tested the cam with 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128GB cards and all cards were working without any glitch. I also tested the cam with Micro SD Cards with adapter, that worked fine too. Important: don’t format a (new) SD Card in your PC, let the dashcam do that job! FWIW in the cam I use a full size Lexar Professional 633x SDXC 128GB card, till today this card runs without any malfunction whatsever.

Cam has an 2015 updated Sony Exmor IMX322 sensor with excellent quality “WDR” function integrated, it provides superb quality night time recording, the best I have seen till yet. Day time recording quality is also very good.

Lens is capable of taking in 1080p footage at 30fps with a real viewing angle of 154 degrees, this is the reason this cam will miss absolutely nothing.

Noteworthy is the fact this cam use a capacitor instead of a battery, this means that the cam has no problems at all with high temperatures in your car.

Cam firmware (recent firmware is v1.02.00, see below for downloadlink) is working very well, OTOH no possibility to fine-tune recording settings like e.g. White Balance and EV.To be honest this cam don’t need fine-tuning at all because the cam is adjusting all settings demanded for best recording quality automatically. But: many people want to have the possibility to make some adjustments by themselves.

MateGo MG380G’s bit rate: there are discussions and claims that MateGo branded MG380G’s runs with a bit rate of 11-12Mbps, and that only the non-branded MG380G dashcams has a bitrate of 15Mbps. Frankly said, all these claims are bullshit, I can assure you that the MateGo branded MG380G dashcam runs with a bitrate of 15Mbps (see image below, it shows the bit rate of my MateGo MG380G, firmware version 1.01.03, however with firmware versions 1.01.01 and 1.01.02 the same result):


5. Conclusion/verdict

The Onstar MG380G is probably best bang for the buck, it’s a top-notch dashcam with very good build quality. Used hardware is recent and up-to-date, all hardware components are of high quality. Daytime time recording quality as well recording quality during night is superb. Firmware needs improvements regarding manual White Balance and EV fine tuning. Logs only in KPH, no possibility to change to MPH. Included USB cable is too short however included 12/24V power cable is long enough.

I know you can buy much cheaper dashcams, same is valid for more expensive cams. But please consider that this cam is very reliable and therefore will provide you with that what really counts: useful proof at the moment you need such, e.g after a car accident. I can recommend this cam without any hesitation.

6. Where to purchase

– 6.1 Where to purchase an action/dashcam

Important issue: where to purchase an action/dashcam? You can buy them on many places like e.g. Amazon, eBay, AliExpress,, local vendors and online dealers/vendors. It’s hard to find a reputable vendor not only selling quality cams but also providing good support and service during and after the purchase. And keep in mind, a good feedback score on sites like e.g. Amazon, eBay or isn’t a guarantee at all that seller is reliable.

As I told before it’s very hard to find a reliable action- and dash cam retailer, hence in this review we have two retailer/vendor dedicated sections: 1) 6.3 Recommended action- and dash cam retailers and 2) 6.4 Non-recommended/inadvisable action- and dash cam retailers. Titles of these two sections are speaking for itself, by recommending or not recommending certain retailers we try to help action- and dash cam buyers to find  a reliable retailer, or opposite, to avoid certain retailers. Note to retailers: if you are an action- or dash cam retailer/vendor, no matter what brands you sell, and are opinion you are reliable please fill out the contact form on bottom of this review completely, if we like what we find out about you there’s the possibility we will add you (for free) to the survey of recommended retailers. This survey will include links to your sales channels.

Personally I had very bad experiences with a well-known eBay dashcam seller located in China (as I described in a previous blogpost) so many times it’s a matter of having good luck to find a decent seller. Finally, don’t look only for cheapest dashcam price when you have the intention to buy a cam, service and support is equal (and probably even more) important. Most of the time it’s better to spend a few bucks more and purchase a dashcam from a reliable and decent seller instead of preferring a cheap seller.

– 6.2 Where to purchase a spare power cord

It’s always handy to have a spare power cord, I bought a LSON quality cord for my MateGo MG380G for a cheap price on Price is only $3,38, with free shipping, this cord will fit MateGo branded as well all non-branded MG380G dashcams, Panorama G – Street Guardian SGZC12SG and Drivewatch 380G cams included (and many other dashcams too). Cord specifications are:

Article: Power cord w/ On / Off Switch
Brand: LSON
Color: Black with red switch
Material: ABS
Power Supply: DC
Input Voltage: 12~24V
Output Voltage: 12V
Output Current: Max. 1500mA
Interface: 3.5mm plug
Cable length: 150cm
No interference to your GPS navigation or car radio

– 6.3 Recommended action- and dash cam retailers & vendors

Pier28, Inc. Pros: top-notch and highly appreciated seller providing excellent service, support and after-sales. Cons: prices are above average. Sales channels: webshop, and

– 6.4 Non-recommended/inadvisable action- and dash cam retailers & vendors

– eBay seller estore009 (unreliable seller: delivers faulty and/or Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) cams, extremely long time to deliver, very bad after-sales)

– Amazon seller Drivewatch (cheating/dishonest seller: promotes his business and dash cam 380G on Amazon by the way of fake customer reviews)

 7. Update: review MG380G by Dashcamtalk

Update July 12, 2015: the well-known Dashcamtalk forum recently produced a Matego MG380G review too. Conclusion of the review:

“The MateGo MG380G is a good buy given its excellent video quality, low price and full features . At the $100 price range, you will not find a better camera for night time video quality. This camera comes with a lot of features and best night video quality for $100 but it is not the most discreet. If you want a discreet camera consider the Mini 0805 but if you want a slightly more premium product, get the MateGo MG380G.”

Note: Dashcamtalk closes the review with a survey where to purchase the MG380G for lowest price, and is recommending i.a. eBay seller estore009. I fully disagree with estore009’s recommendation by Dashcamtalk, IMO it’s a very unreliable seller. It’s not without reason I’m saying so, in a previous blogpost about the Seezeus Shadow Recorder GT550WS dashcam I already made a statement about estore009:

“Stay far away from estore009, items sold by him are or could be faulty, service is a non existing word for him”

8. Download Section

– 8.1 Download User Manual  MG380/MG380G in Chinese/English

User Manual  Onstar MateGo MG380/MG380G  in Chinese/English language can be downloaded here, it’s downloadable from Google Drive.

– 8.2 Download Firmware Updates

Firmware v1.01.03 (2015/06/16) Onstar MateGo MG380/MG380G can be downloaded here, it’s downloadable from Google Drive. It concerns the original, unaltered Shenzhen Onstar MateGo MG380/MG380G firmware, don’t try to flash the firmware on other dashcams.

Main changes firmware v1.01.03

Original text (in Chinese language):



Literally English language translation:

The main changes are as follows:

Optimize IQ to join all day long exposure algorithm

Update 2015/10/29: firmware v1.01.04 is released, there is no list of firmware changes available. This Onstar MateGo MG380/MG380G firmware can, like previous firmware v1.01.03, be downloaded from Google Drive here. Firmware upgrade instructions are included.

Update 2016/01/06: firmware v1.02.00 is released, this is an important firmware upgrade, will optimize video quality. This most recent Onstar MateGo MG380/MG380G firmware can, like previous firmware v1.01.04, be downloaded from Google Drive here. Firmware upgrade instructions are included.

Note: keep in mind that while flashing an electronic device with updated firmware can be beneficial to you, the risks that are involved can sometimes outweigh the benefits for the user. Flashing an electronic device can be risky and when done improperly, you may “brick” your device. “Bricking” a device renders it entirely useless.

– 8.3 Download Video Registrator/GPS Track Player for DVR, Dash Cam (Registrator Viewer)

There are several Video Registrators/GPS Track Players available, however I strongly advise to use Registrator Viewer, IMO it’s Simply The Best Player For Dashcams you can get, it’s also free.

Very sadly the Registrator Viewer developer was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident some months ago, therefore his website is expired and (of course!) you can’t download there the software anymore. However the software is still available and downloadable via my Google Drive, download the latest version of Registrator Viewer here. User Manual in English can be downloaded from Google Drive too, download here.

Demanded Operating system Registrator Viewer: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 [x32 and x64]. Not known it will work with Windows 10.

System requirements:

– For playing FullHD video requires a processor with a total frequency of all cores of at least 4 GHz or support DXVA (hardware decoding) in the graphics card.
– For the user interface requirements are negligible.

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  1. Smokey, very nice and informative review, thanks a lot! My initial intention was to buy a Panorama G – Street Guardian SGZC12SG cam however after reading your review I will go for the MateGo MG380G.

    Comment by John Sutton | July 30, 2015 | Reply

    • You’re welcome John, enjoy the MG380G (-:

      Comment by Smokey | July 30, 2015 | Reply

  2. Smokey – this cam has a port for “Cam In” for a second channel, do you know how this would work and what cameras could be used?

    Also, how do you access the GPS Track Player mode? Yes, I just received my MateGo last week. So far I am very pleased. I have had a Card Read Error twice but I am currently using a MicroSD in an adapter. I am ordering a full sized SD card and will try that.

    Comment by David | September 27, 2015 | Reply

    • Hi David, I didn’t try the possibility to connect an additional cam, I only know the additional cam is display only, there’s no recording capability.

      About card read errors, I tested the cam with Micro SDcards too and didn’t encounter any problems, maybe your card is defective? I know that some sdcard brands can cause problems but opinions what card to use in dash cams are very different, Important is that you format the sdcard in the dash cam, besides, be sure it’s a class 10 card. Last but not least, using a (full size) sdcard with MLC NAND flash will be preferable because a dash cam will cause a lot of read/write operations on the card.

      Regarding yoiur question about GPS Track Player mode, do you mean how to enter the playback mode where videos or
      photos can be viewed on screen?

      Comment by Smokey | September 27, 2015 | Reply

  3. Smokey,
    Thanks so much for the info. I suspected there might be a problem with recording the rear camera so I will probably just buy a second one for the rear.

    The camera appears to work flawlessly right now, but I’ve only used it for about a week. The card read error seems to correct itself if I eject and reinstall the card. I think the micro card might be getting vibrated out of alignment and the pressure to eject/reinstalled the adapter corrects that.

    I did order a full size SD Card, SanDisk 64Gb UHS-I/U3 SDXC. And I used the camera to format the card I’m using now and will do so to format the new card too. I couldn’t find any info on the MLC NAND but I plan to copy the files to my 1Tb hard drive regularly and reformat the card instead of allowing the camera to overwrite.

    Thanks again for your help.

    P.S. I really enjoyed your blog.

    Comment by David | September 27, 2015 | Reply

    • You’re very welcome David. Btw if you consider to buy a 128gb full size sdcard I can recommend Lexar cards, these cards are known for working very well in dash cams (and other devices too).

      Comment by Smokey | September 27, 2015 | Reply

  4. I cancelled the Sandisk order and ordered a Lexar 128Gb card on your recommendation. In the two weeks I’ve used the card it has worked flawlessly. The MG380G is a fantastic dashcam. It’s the first one that has performed reliably that I have had. The video quality is really good. The daytime video is really good, the twilight, not quite dark but not light is really spooky. It is really light, I mean like there is much more ambient light than your eye sees. Country roads at night the image is very dark and not the same range as your headlights. But all in all the video quality is great. Definately better than the G1Ws that I had.

    Thank you for recommending the Lexar card.

    Comment by David | October 17, 2015 | Reply

    • I’m pleased you like the MG380G dash cam, and I think you will not regret the purchase of the Lexar card. That brand is well-known for excellent SD Card reliability, especially if used in action- and dash cams.

      On country roads at night it depends on several factors how video quality will be, this is valid to all brand of dash cams. E.g. very important are used bulbs and headlight unit quality and construction as well, I have very good video quality at night, on country roads included, so I assume I have the ideal mix: a cam with very good (recent!) hardware and good firmware too (I use the most recent MG380G firmware version 1.01.03) and good bulbs and headlight units. Anyways, don’t use cheap bulbs, the quality of the bulbs (light output and light spreading width) are of great importance for good night video quality.

      Comment by Smokey | October 17, 2015 | Reply

  5. How do i start the firmware update?

    Where do i put the file and do i have to press anything?

    Comment by Jimmy | October 29, 2015 | Reply

  6. How do you update the firmware on this unit, there is no menu option.

    Also where do i place the .elf fire?

    Comment by Jimmy | October 29, 2015 | Reply

    • Firmware Update Instructions MateGo MG380G

      1.Format SD card in your PC.
      2.Download new firmware to sd card root ( do not put it inside dash cam yet ).
      3.Go to your car
      4.Connect MateGo MG380G IN-CAR via supplied 12/24v cigarette charger. NEVER UPGRADE USING 5v miniusb port on top of dash camera as a power supply source. USE ONLY 12v socket on the side of dash cam to connect to car cigarette lighter charger.
      5.Switch on car ignition ( ACC ), – dash camera powers on, but will not be recording because there is no SD card inserted
      6.Switch off dash camera by pressing power-off button on top. Do not switch off car ignition ( ACC )
      7.After dash camera switched off, insert memory card with new firmware on it
      8.Press and hold “menu” button
      9.When holding down “menu” button press “power-on” button on top ( still holding down “menu button” )
      10.Hold down “menu button” for 3-4 sec after MG380G power on and you see firmware download / upgrade “bar” activated and starts “runing”, then release “menu” button.
      11.Wait until upgrade is finished. Do not touch anything on dash camera, or do not switch off an ignition during upgrading process, – otherwise you will brick device
      12.After firmware upgrade is finished, the device screen goes “black” ( switches off). The upgrade is complete.
      13.Remove SD card and format the card in your PC.
      14.Insert memory card in the MG380G.
      15.Now you can power on dash camera and change menu interface to English language, because after upgrade its Chinese language by default.
      16.Change default factory settings to your personal preferences.

      Note: these firmware upgrade instructions are originally provided by, I made some additions to it.

      Comment by Smokey | October 29, 2015 | Reply

  7. Hmm, that doesn’t work for me.

    Just noticed under about my model number is CSG380 and i have no MateGO display logo on start up.

    I ordered my MateGo from estore009. First unit had “hot pixels” or white dots randomly pop up on my video files (very noticeable on night videos). They agreed to a replacement.

    I just received the replacement today I’ve only just now realized this one doesn’t have the matego logo on the front, no matego logo on start up. I am now guessing I’ve been given a generic 380 so i guess no firmware support (even though matego has very limited support)

    Going to install it today as is and test it out to see if this unit has hot pixels, if its fine i might just suck it up and accept it. If not i’ll be sending estore009 a very angry e-mail!

    Comment by Jimmy | October 29, 2015 | Reply

    • It’s not without reason that in my review I call estore009 an unreliable seller (MG380G review section 6.4), and seller has also lousy after-sales. Again to all: stay far away from estore009, this seller will provide the buyer with a huge headache and very bad mood.

      Back to topic generic 380G dash cam: maybe I will be able to bring it back to original MateGo MG380G state, tomorrow I will take a look at the issue and will let you know the outcome of my investigation.

      Comment by Smokey | October 30, 2015 | Reply

    • In the meanwhile I looked at the issue, like the MateGo MG380G the manufacturer of your dash cam is Shenzhen Onstar Technology Co. Ltd. Hardware specifications of your cam and the MG380G are exactly the same, only difference is you have an unbranded cam and unbranded firmware.

      Problem with unbranded firmware is there will be no firmware upgrades available, so no firmware improvements at all. It’s correct that MateGo has very limited support, but OTOH they regularly release new (read improved) firmware. Anyways, for the MG380G this is valid.

      You can solve the problem of the lack of new firmware for your cam by “making” it a branded MateGo MG380G, this aim can be reached by way of flashing dedicated conversion firmware. After flashing that dedicated “unbranded to branded” conversion firmware you will be able to flash all (futured) original MG380G firmware on your cam, like the recently released MG380G firmware v1.01.04

      If you are interested I can provide you with the conversion firmware and instructions how to flash by way of email, just let me know that your gmail email address mxxxxx.rx@gmail is correct. Subsequent I will send you the firmware.

      Comment by Smokey | October 31, 2015 | Reply

  8. Hi,

    Yes the email address is correct.


    Comment by Jimmy | November 15, 2015 | Reply

  9. Smokey,
    I too find that even though I bought my dashcams from a highly reputed American seller that I too have a CSG380G instead of a MG380G. Could you please send me the link to the dedicated conversion software too? Please and thank you. Oh, and could you also send a link to the firmware update too, DashCamTalk has a link but it is only in Chinese and unfortunately I do not read or understand Chinese. Thank you so very much.

    Comment by David | November 23, 2015 | Reply

    • You’ll need some patience, atm I’m back home (will be the weekend) I’ll mail you firmware conversion/upgrade instructions and the download links.

      Comment by Smokey | November 23, 2015 | Reply

    • David, today I have sent you a mail with downloadlinks and how-to instructions. Please let me know the firmware conversion CSG380 to MateGo MG380G was successfully performed.

      Comment by Smokey | November 28, 2015 | Reply

  10. Smokey any chance you can send me those links too?

    Comment by Jimmy | November 29, 2015 | Reply

    • I apologize for the delay, have just sent you where you asked for. Please let me know here on my weblog you succeeded with the conversion CSG380 to MateGo MG380G. Thank you.

      Comment by Smokey | November 29, 2015 | Reply

  11. Smokey, I have bought a Spy Tec MG380G and cannot upgrade the firmware. I am having an issue with the camera powering on then after recording for about 3 – 5 seconds it crashes and reboots. After the camera reboots it runs fine for hours until I shut it off and start over again. I want to do the conversion on the firmware as I believe the stock firmware is buggy. Could you please send me the links and instructions? Thanks!

    Comment by Derrek L. | November 29, 2015 | Reply

    • Derrek, I guess you have a cam with CSG380 firmware so I assume the conversion to MateGo MG380G should work, however keep in mind that if there’s anything going wrong it will deliver serious problems like a dash cam not working at all anymore, and warranty on the cam will be gone… Anyway I have mailed you where you asked for, please let me know here on my weblog the conversion CSG380 to MG380G was successfully performed.

      Comment by Smokey | November 29, 2015 | Reply

  12. Did the conversion, was able to update without a hitch.

    As a bonus it seems my “hot pixels” on this new unit no longer appear on the video recordings now. I guess they where remapped during the firmware updates? (Do you know if there is a debug/dev menu where you can re-calibrate the camera sensor?, i believe the Street Guardian SG9665GC has this option…which is based on the 380G)

    Thanks for you help Smokey, you saved me a lot of headaches. Should have read your page before making a purchase from estore009.

    Comment by Jimmy | December 1, 2015 | Reply

    • I’m pleased the conversion was performed without any prob, and I assume you have flashed most recent MG380G firmware v1.01.04 after the conversion.

      That the hot pixels issue is resolved is for sure a result of the conversion, maybe the previous CSG380 firmware was defective or seller had performed a bad flash, I really don’t know.

      I have to check (will take several days) there’s software available for re-calibrate but I think recalibration isn’t necessary at all

      Comment by Smokey | December 1, 2015 | Reply

  13. After some difficulty getting the files downloaded from GoogleDrive and unzipped the conversion and update appears to have worked perfectly. Thank you for your help, your patience and for being such a kind and generous person.

    Comment by David | December 2, 2015 | Reply

    • You’re very welcome David.

      Comment by Smokey | December 2, 2015 | Reply

  14. Yes i flashed the latest firmware as provided.

    Also on further reviewing my captured videos, 1-2 “hot pixels” are still present. So if there is a sensor re-calibrate/remapping option/software i’d been keen to give it a good, but in no rush.

    Comment by Jimmy | December 2, 2015 | Reply

    • As far I know there’s no sensor re-calibrate/remapping option/software available.

      Comment by Smokey | December 5, 2015 | Reply

      • Hi Smokey.

        Recently I have bought the dashcam from the DriveWatch (with firmware CSG v1.01.01). And now I want to upgrade the firmware to the latest. Can you please send me the link to the your conversion firmware so that I will be able to use firmwares for Matego.


        Comment by Farid | December 18, 2015

      • Have sent an email with instructions to you.

        Comment by Smokey | December 18, 2015

  15. Please, can you send me the instructions to convert CSG380G to MateGo MG380G ?


    Comment by Xose | February 2, 2016 | Reply

    • Atm I’m back home I will send you an email with instructions, will be the weekend.

      Comment by Smokey | February 3, 2016 | Reply

      • Hey, I know that you are busy, but if you could email/cc me the info/software needed to do a CSG380G to MateGo MG380G firmware update or replacement, it would Greatly be appreciated! Whenever you have time… I had commented asking for help previously, but for some reason, it never seemed to post on your site, and I have had no luck with the seller…THANK YOU!

        Comment by Bill | February 4, 2016

      • Hi Bill,

        The weekend I will send you an email with instructions.

        Comment by Smokey | February 4, 2016

      • Instructions are sent by email.

        Comment by Smokey | February 6, 2016

    • Instructions are sent by email.

      Comment by Smokey | February 6, 2016 | Reply

      • Hey! Can you please send me the 380g conversion firmware and instructions when you have a chance. I have a drivewatch and want to upgrade to mg380g latest firmware. Thanks!

        Comment by DevonW | February 28, 2016

      • Instructions are sent by email.

        Comment by Smokey | February 28, 2016

  16. Hey Smokey, please forgive the delay, but I just wanted to thank you again for your help.
    Everything worked out rather well for the firmware conversion…You’re the best!

    Comment by Bill | February 28, 2016 | Reply

  17. Hello Smokey,
    firstly I want to thank you for spending your time and reviewing this dash cam.

    I’m new to this kind of gadgets so I started reading on that dashcam forums and found too many fan boys supporting especially one seller who is also on Amazon.
    Then I found your blog and I feel like informations here are true and not biased.
    I also found out that this dash cam is sold rebranded in many names so I thought I shall buy the original one, this MateGo, instead of rebadged and more expensive ones.

    I bought it from eBay (Amazon doesn’t deliver to my place), the seller foxoffer1, seems not able to give technical informations as I asked 3 times what memory card I need and he kept on saying micro SD card.
    However, I had a very smooth transaction, the item arrived much earlier than the memory card I’m still waiting from Amazon (local shops are thieves).

    The camera looks solid and of good quality even so many fanboys on that forum and on Amazon comments say that this camera looks ugly and too big, BUT when they (the fanboys and review) comment on the rebadged one from the seller on the forum and Amazon, no one says ANY negative comment!

    I needed to know what power I can apply to the USB port and found the information on this blog while the manual says nothing about it.
    And I found all informations here regarding the firmware update very useful though I guess that I won’t need any update because I just bought the camera.

    So I’m waiting for a 64GB micro SD card with adaptor and I hope that it will work.

    If someone replays, will I receive an alert from this blog into my e-mail box?

    Bye by now.


    Comment by Antony | May 2, 2016 | Reply

    • Hi Antony,

      Thanks for your comment. In the first place you will receive email notification about new replies if you ticked that option during posting.

      The seller of your cam, foxoffer1, seems not to be a reliable seller, if he isn’t able to answer some really easy questions about cams available in his shop it’s obvious he has no knowledge about dash cams at all, even worse, he told you that demanded cam sd card should be a MicroSD. That answer of him belongs to category bullshit, your cam is provided with a slot for full size sd card. Of course the cam will work with MicroSD card with adapter too but for several reasons a full size sdcard is highly recommendable.

      The cam is indeed solid and of very good quality, one of the best there is. To me cam form factor isn’t important, a good dash cam should do it’s job (video recording) in a reliable way, without any hitch or glitch whatever. The MateGo MG380G will do that job in a highly reliable way, till today my MG380G is working without any error, glitch or flaw.

      You are talking about using the USB port as a port to be provided with power, but keep in mind such isn’t a good idea, you better use the dedicated power port.

      Firmware of the MG380G is many times dated, even when you buy the cam. You better check the firmware version of your cam.

      Comment by Smokey | May 2, 2016 | Reply

      • Thanks for feedback,

        I know that most sellers on eBay don’t know the products that they sell, but this one foxoffer1 is even lazy and incompetent because I replayed 3 times saying that the camera might need a standard SD card but he insisted “micro SD”!
        I’ll leave bad feedback for sure.

        The camera’s manual tells that the USB port when connected to computer acts as data only while when powered (well it implies powered from an adapter connected to the outlet) it will turn the camera on.
        I tried it already and it works (useful to use at home) but from now on I’ll only use it with its own adapter.

        I’ll check the firmware once I get the memory card, ordered it form Amazon on 23/04 and I’ll get (hopefully) on 15/05.
        Strange, a little memory card plus card reader in “stock” will take more than 20 days to arrive to Australia so it must be from China!
        See all players in the market have their bad sides.

        I’ll update once I get all stuff working.

        Comment by Antony | May 3, 2016

  18. Smokey was outstanding in helping me decide to by TWO of these cameras. I am so pleased with this I can’t tell you enough how great a camera this is. I bought mine as a genuine MateGo but found out it was NOT a genuine item and Smokey helped me convert it.

    I used a microSD card with adapter and had trouble with the camera saying “Please insert SD card.” I bought a 128Gb standard size card and haven’t had any trouble for over 8 months now. I don’t remember where I read it but I read a definite statement that the microUSB port was for FACTORY PROGRAMMING ONLY and while it would power up the unit it would not supply enough power to do anything like file transfer or record. So definitely use the supplied power cord.

    One other thing I found was that setting the date and time was a little tricky. The unit will automatically update to the GPS date/time, the only setting you can change and save is your time zone. I had to play with that too to make sure it was the proper time when the unit rebooted the next time I drove the car. I had to go one time zone East for standard time and two East for Daylight Savings Time.

    There are smaller units available. There are cheaper units available but I am so happy with my decision to buy this camera. Like I said, I liked the first one so much that I bought two, one for front and one for rear. These do exactly what they are supposed to do, record video, good quality video and they don’t glitch or fail. At least not as far as I can tell.

    Comment by David | May 2, 2016 | Reply

    • I read your previous comments regarding the generic branded camera so before committing to buy on eBay I took many screenshots in case I was mislead, fortunately I got exactly the same camera as being shown on this blog, same box and camera.
      Regarding the USB port the manual tells nothing more than connect to the computer OR the power but I’ll only use the supplied adapter to avoid any trouble.

      Comment by Antony | May 3, 2016 | Reply

  19. Hi Smokey,

    I have been trying to update my “MateGo MG380” to the newest firmware without any luck. Looks like I have gotta a generic brand as well…. The firmware shows 1.0101 with CSG380G. I am willing take this risk to convert it to a matego brand unit so I can have it update, Would you be able to send me instructions on how to convert it? Thanks in advance!

    Comment by Derek | May 13, 2016 | Reply

  20. Hi Smokey,

    Would you be able to help me with the conversion of my generic cam to matego branded?


    Comment by Derek | May 13, 2016 | Reply

    • Hi Derek,

      I have read your PM on my forum Smokey’s too, will send you the conversion instructions Saturday or Sunday via email.

      Comment by Smokey | May 13, 2016 | Reply

    • Instructions are sent via email.

      Comment by Smokey | May 14, 2016 | Reply

      • Thanks Smokey! I just finished the update on my dash cam and it works like a charm~

        Comment by Derek | May 15, 2016

      • You’re welcome, good to hear the conversion works fine.

        Comment by Smokey | May 15, 2016

  21. Hi smokey, do you have a review on the optional rearview camera? and do you know if you can easily switch screens for the front and rear views? Thanks

    Comment by Mark | October 2, 2016 | Reply

    • I haven’t tested nor tried a rearview camera so I’m not able to answer the questions.

      Comment by Smokey | October 2, 2016 | Reply

    • Mark,
      If I remember correctly I was looking into the rear camera only to find out it is a monitor only, no record. What I did was, after ordering and using one for the front and having a great experience with it, I ordered a second on for the rear. Every camera I researched that had a rear lens was either a split screen record, rear or front, not both or like this, monitor only, no record.
      I know buying a second camera and memory card is more expensive, but that’s what I did. And if you have the rear defroster grid lines like I do, I installed an adhesive backed disc like for GPS. I bought 70mm diameter discs.

      If you do this I recommend installing either a hard wire or a power socket. It’s not hard to install if you are a little handy. Just make sure to protect the power wire with a fuse as close to the power source as possible.

      I know this doesn’t really answer your question, it’s just what I did because of the research I had done regarding having a rear camera too.

      Comment by David | October 3, 2016 | Reply

      • The MateGo MG380G has a “cam-in” socket so if I connect a standard dash cam (small one) will its video be recorded on the MateGo MG380G?
        By the way, the MateGo MG380G is wonderful and I’m very happy about it, thanks for your review.

        Comment by Antony | October 3, 2016

      • As I remember, no the Cam In port is only to use the MateGo as a monitor. IT DOES NOT RECORD from the Cam In port.
        So I figured why go to the expense of buying the camera, the hassle of running the cable and then not being able to record?
        It’s been over a year that I have had both and couldn’t be happier. I also figured that if one camera broke, I still had a back-up.

        Going back to check the date of my first post, it’s been over a year and at that time Smokey answered my question about recording, “Hi David, I didn’t try the possibility to connect an additional cam, I only know the additional cam is display only, there’s no recording capability.”
        That is why I opted for two cameras. I bought these in response to a road rage incident/subsequent accident where the cops and PAO took HER word over mine and a witness’. That’s why I record both front and rear. It’s hard to argue with video.

        But to directly answer your question, “…the additional cam is display only, there’s no recording capability.”

        Comment by David | October 3, 2016

      • “I bought these in response to a road rage incident” exactly I want to prevent being smashed behind from a drunk smartass and not having a witness, it’s quite common where I live.
        So I need to search for a separate cam possibly a small one which I would disassemble and craft somewhere and connect to the power socket.
        I saw a project somewhere on the web but I can’t remember where, they opened a cam and extended the cable from the lens to the on board circuit.

        Comment by Antony | October 3, 2016

      • Antony, you should see if Sam369 from DashCamTalk forums has anymore Matego MG600 dashcams (I think he was selling them for $125 or something like that. I bought two from him):

        The Matego MG600 is functionally the same as the way more expensive Street Guardian SGZC12RC (both made with the same specs by the same manufacturer)

        They more than likely can be modified to meet your requirements see here:

        I changed out the lens on it to be more “zoomed” (I actually have them in 2 separate cars with 2 different lenses (ie zoom levels)):

        Overall, pretty superb camera with a small footprint for the camera part of it. And if you want to dissect the processor/display portion it could get flatter as well.

        And I believe Pier28 (who sells the Street Guardian SGZC12RC) also carries an externally mountable waterproof camera that is very small and would replace the normal camera that comes with the unit. I don’t believe you can buy the processor/display along with only the external camera… so essentially you end up with one wasted camera if you buy the external camera as well.

        Anyways, I don’t know if that is at all helpful.

        Comment by DevonW | October 3, 2016

      • Thanks for the suggestion but I’m looking for a stand alone and cheaper solution.
        The Matego MG600 isn’t what I’m looking after, I like the size of the camera but I don’t need the extra screen hardware.
        Also it’s no more available and replaced by another totally different model the GS90C even so the Street Guardian SGZC12RC 2016 v2 is available on Amazon but it costs $210.
        And the external camera looks good but it still needs a separate hardware.
        What about the Dpai Mini?

        Comment by Antony | October 4, 2016

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