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How to defend yourself against Microsoft’s never-ending push efforts regarding Windows 10

At the moment Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 to the point where it’s getting really annoying, Microsoft’s never-ending efforts to shove down Windows 10 our throats is ridiculous, annoying and is witnessing a very bad and blameworthy attitude, arrogance and a complete lack of decency too. On regularly basis Microsoft invents new dirty tactics to archive their final goal: all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users should “upgrade” their system with Windows 10, the sooner the better.

Defending yourself against Microsoft’s sneaky efforts isn’t easy, but there’s hope: the free program GWX Control Panel will protect you against the annoying Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade attacks.

GWX Control Panel can be used to do the following on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (literal info from developers website):

– The Disable ‘Get Windows 10’ App feature removes Microsoft’s “Get Windows 10” nagware app from your notification area.
– The Prevent Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades feature checks for system settings that leave you vulnerable to unwanted Windows 10 upgrades and gives you the ability to fix them.
– The Prevent Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades feature also restores your Windows Update control panel to its normal behavior if it gets hijacked by Windows 10 advertisements or installers.
– The Delete Windows 10 Download Folders feature locates and deletes hidden Windows 10 installer files that Microsoft secretly downloads to your computer.
– The Delete Windows 10 Programs feature easily deletes hard-to-remove program files that are known to prepare your computer for Windows 10 upgrades.
– The program alerts you if your Windows Update settings change from one of the safer “download only” or “check only” options to “automatically install” behind your back and gives you the chance to fix it with the Change Windows Update Settings feature.
– The optional Save Diagnostic Info feature (in the right-click pop-up menu of the title bar) generates enhanced diagnostic reports that give you detailed information on any settings GWX Control Panel finds that leave you open to unwanted Windows 10 behavior.
– The optional “Monitor Mode” feature runs quietly in the background watching for unexpected system changes, and alerts you as soon as any new Windows 10 settings or files are detected.

Screenshot GWX Control Panel:


When you enable GWX Control Panel’s optional Monitor Mode, a new icon will appear in your notification area that will alert you if GWX Control Panel detects any unexpected files or settings that leave you vulnerable to Windows 10. Once enabled, GWX Control Panel will start and quietly monitor your computer whenever you log in to Windows.

I have tested the program with a Windows 7 system, it works flawlessly. I recommend the program without any hesitation to all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users!

More info about the program, a how-to and download also on developers Ultimate Outsider GWX Control Panel blog.


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