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ANNOUNCEMENT: Change Siteowner- & Leadership Smokey’s Security Forums


Smokey’s was founded and launched by me August, 2006. Eleven years after forums establishement it was about time for my full retirement hence transferred ownership domain and site leadership as well to Mr. Pete Kendell, on internet better known as Starbuck.

I have all confidence in Pete that he will continue Smokey’s in the demanded straight and reliable way the site is known for, past years he already was my substitute and is very capable and fully qualified to run the site. Current policies and rules will not be changed by him, important too : site name Smokey’s Security Foums  will never be changed.

Pete is a man dedicated to all facets of computer security, he is the best successor I can wish. With him the very high site standards will be unaltered continued.

Dave Mook aka Smokey

Retired Owner Smokey’s


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Official Jetico Inc. Support Forums have new URLs

Like you have read here, I have migrated my board Smokey’s Security Forums to SMF – Simple Machines Forum baord software.

For technical reasons it wasn’t possible to use the URLs of the “old” board anymore, so all forums on my board have new ones.

– Index Smokey’s Security Forums:

– HijackThis & OTListIt2 Log Analysis and Malware Hunting, Removal & Cleaning (English language):,5.0.html and in German – Deutsch language:,205.0.html

Concerning the Official Jetico Inc. Support Forums please update these bookmarks also:

– Jetico Personal Firewall v2 Support Forum:,51.0.html
– Jetico Personal Firewall v2 Knowledge Base:,60.0.html
– Jetico Personal Firewall v2 Bug Reports:,63.0.html

– Jetico Personal Firewall v1 Support Forum:,52.0.html

– Jetico BestCrypt for Windows Support Forum:,70.0.html
– Jetico BestCrypt for Linux Support Forum:,152.0.html
– Jetico BCVE BestCrypt Volume Encryption Support Forum:,75.0.html

– Jetico BCArchive Support Forum:,73.0.html

– Jetico BCWipe for Windows Support Forum:,138.0.html
– Jetico BCWipe for UNIX Support Forum:,153.0.html

Support, Help and advice will only be provided to registered board members.
You are invited to register (for free) here.



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New Official Jetico Inc. Support Forums Opened: Jetico BestCrypt for Linux and BCWipe for UNIX

On behalf of Jetico Inc. I am pleased to announce that on my board Smokey’s Security Forums two new Jetico Inc. Support Forums are opened: Jetico BestCrypt for Linux and BCWipe for UNIX.

The addition of these new support forums to the board is good news for consumers using these Jetico products, like in all other Jetico support forums they will be provided with support, help and advice by engineers and developers of Jetico Inc.

Survey of all Official Jetico Inc. Support Forums on Smokey’s Security Forums

– Jetico Personal Firewall v1
– Jetico Personal Firewall v2
– Jetico BestCrypt for Windows
– Jetico BestCrypt for Linux
– Jetico BCVE -BestCrypt Volume Encryption
– Jetico BCArchive
– Jetico BCWipe for Windows
– Jetico BCWipe for UNIX

See you on Smokey’s!

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