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Norton Internet Security v22.5.4.24 (patch 22.5.4) update released in all supported languages

I’m pleased to announce that there is an update available (v22.5.4.24) for the Smokey’s Choice Awarded top-notch security software Norton Security, Norton Security with Backup, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Antivirus and Norton Security Suite. As with all previous Norton Security software updates, this version is being released in a phased manner. The update is available in all supported languages. To download it, run LiveUpdate.

Changes in this release

* Fixes an issue where ‘iTunes Hangs when trying to Eject’
* Fixes an issue where ‘Display driver issues leading to ‘product not starting’
* Fixes an issue where ‘Nothing happens when I click on Scan’
* Several fixes for desktop flickering issues’ and other problems with Win10 upgrades.
* Clean up left over items during a Windows 10 upgrade to prevent Live Update errors
* Fix for a crash in Hebrew specific layouts.
* Fixes the alignment issue on clicking help in main UI
* Fixes an issue where ‘Auto-Protect is Greyed out’
– and other fixes…

It’s easy to verify you have the update, just launch the Main User Interface, click on Help, and select About.


This update v22.5.4.24 is currently officially available via LiveUpdate only, however there is also the possibility for a direct download from the Symantec/Norton servers. You can install the downloaded update/patch over the top of your existent Norton product. This time too the update will be no problem at all, all previous Norton Security settings will remain unaltered after the update. The update will be accomplished within a few minutes, reboot is not not be required. Important: run LiveUpdate after updating to the new version!

Direct downloadlinks full version / update / trial / Norton Security v22.5.4.24 (patch 22.5.4)

– Norton Security ENGLISH Language:

– Norton Security with included Backup ENGLISH Language:

Norton Security and Norton Security with included Backup in all other supported languages: change language by changing to e.g. Norton Security 22.5.4 DUTCH:


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New major version of avast! Mobile Security / Anti-Theft released, v2 in development stage

As you probably will remember, December 2011 I posted a review concerning avast! Mobile Security (AMS) for Android phones, my verdict was (and still is): an excellent Security Suite, also very reliable and provided with a top-notch Anti-Theft module. For reason of the outstanding good test results AMS gained the Smokey’s 2011/2012 Choice Award, this Award will only be granted to the best among the best.

This week avast! company informed me that a new major version of the suite was released, v2, and this new version is in beta stage. They told me also that current stable v1 of the suite wasn’t updated since April 2012 for reason of development v2.

Like I told v2 is still beta but the new features sound very promising and will make the product even better, in this way protecting the user in a more solid way and providing him with additional useful features, time to provide you with a fast survey of v2 beta.

According to avast! company new features are:

* avast! Anti-Theft web portal integrated into the avast! Account
* Network Meter
* avast! widget
* Optimized UI for tablets
* Real-time protection (on-exec scanning) of apps
* Custom rules and log in the firewall
* The shield control UI to fine-tune on-access security setup
* avast! SiteCorrect for the Web Shield
* Scanning of incoming messages
* SMS/Call filter wildcards
* Greyscale notification icon

Adding all these new features to avast!’s already superb security suite will make it (again) the best security suite for android phones there is, and will put it again on top of all available suites. V2 beta avast! Mobile Security and avast! Anti-Theft are downloadable on avast! Forum, keep in mind that (like with all beta’s) use will be on your own risk. If you have the intention to download and install the beta please read the beta support thread before installing, in this way knowing what problems you can expect and current development stage of the beta.

To me it’s not clear v2 final will remain free, at the moment pricing info isn’t available.

System Requirements v2 beta avast! Mobile Security

Operating Systems Supported:

– Android 2.1.x
– Android 2.2.x
– Android 2.3.x
– Android 3.x
– Android 4.0.x
– Experimental support for Android 4.1.x


– Review v1 avast! Mobile Security for Android phones:
– About the Smokey’s Choice Awards:
– Downloadlinks v2 beta avast! Mobile Security and avast! Anti-Theft / v2 beta Support Forum:

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